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     I have been competing in taxidermy for 6 years. In this time I am proud of the fact that I have been able to win some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. I attribute this to the fact that I take the time to educate myself and also attend seminars every year to stay at the top of the industry. I haven’t received lower than first place in a competition in over 5 years.

Here is a list of some of the awards I have won over the past few years.

19 Best of Categories
First place ribbons
7 Second Place ribbons
1 Third place ribbon
Rising Star Award: Competitor that is an up and coming “Star” in the industry
Bruchac Award: Best Whitetail in any category in the entire competition
WASCO Award: Award for the most artistic piece in the competition
3 McKenzie Awards: Best whitetail in any category in the entire competition
Tru-to-Life Gamehead award: Best gamehead in the competition
2nd Place “Taxidermists Choice”: For best mount in the competition. Chosen from all mounts
2 First Honest Whitetail Awards: For the highest scoring whitetail on a “First Honest” Form
Best of Show: Highest scoring piece out of all pieces
Lifetone Paint Award: Highest scoring fish painted with Lifetone paint
Buckmasters Award: For highest scoring whitetail in the Professional Division
Woody Award: For second best piece in the competition


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