"Our attention to detail makes the difference"



          My name is Ryan Lane. I own and operate Award Winning Lane’s Taxidermy Studio. I have been doing taxidermy since the 1990’s. It is my belief that Taxidermy is an art form and attention to detail is what makes the difference. It is my goal to make your trophy look as good or better that the day you got it. To do this I spend countless hours studying reference and anatomy to educate myself as to how each specimen I mount should look. I compete on a yearly basis in state and regional taxidermy competitions to see how what I’ve learned stacks up against the competition. Please see my list of awards on my “Awards” page. I have been very fortunate to have done very well over the years. To ensure that your mount is given the attention it deserves, I only take a limited amount of work on each year. I believe that every trophy should get the time dedicated to it that it takes to produce a quality, lifelike, mount. I don’t cut any corners. I use the highest quality materials and most up to date techniques in the industry, many of these developed by myself, to produce blue ribbon quality mounts for all of my customers.


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